Acroatia – Croatian Acrobatic Festival 2023

One day it will last for ever!

Dates: 21.7.-11.8.2023.
location: Camping Etno Park

01. Our Festival

One of the biggest surprises for 2023 is that Acroatia will be 3 weeks long! Yap, you read that right, 3 weeks. They will be sliceable, so you can choose to come for 10 days or 3 weeks. We just loooove experimenting and seeing what works best (for the time being, that is).

After 2 years of hosting a bit more than hundred people for 2 weeks, we decided to try with less people but more time. We were usually left with a feeling that 100 people is just a tad too much to be able to meet everyone, and 2 weeks definitely not enough. We hope that 3 weeks will give you enough time to arrive, find your place in the world, meet all the people, train without the fear of missing out on things, take a break when you need one, enjoy the river, go kayaking, and grow your practice with smart and responsible progressions towards your body. We would love it if you’d feel at Acroatia as we do, at home.

During the whole 3 weeks we have an intensive teaching schedule with simultaneous workshops for different levels. Standing acrobatics, L-basing, handstands, pre-breakfast yoga, conditioning, and floor acrobatics classes are all part of our 3 weeks! With safety longes to support those big high-flying dreams! And let’s not forget the relaxing and restorative bodywork sessions in the evening.

02. Location

Location, location, location!

We don’t think it’s all about the location, but a lot of it is. So we decided to make it our tradition to have Acroatia at special places in the midst of nature. After the mountains of Velebit we decided it’s time to come down and find a place close to the water, it is summer after all.

We will be situated in the camp Slap, right where river Tounjcica flows into Mreznica. The camp is hidden behind the trees, surrounded by greenery and rivers. Its remote location gives us a chance to dive deep into the training, sharing, and detaching from the buzzing of the city.

About the camp

Camp Slap is a raw experience of being in nature with nature. We wanted to peel off all the unessential layers, place ourselves in a more organic environment, and just be as we are, with bare feet, messy hair, and flying high (yeah, we know, strong hippie vibes).


The toilets are dry toilets and the showers are in the river (eco toiletries only!!!). Let’s repeat that one more time so that we are on the same page: there are no toilets vulgaris or showers with running water…just a very big bathtub. Electricity is scarce (wi-fi station will be provided) and you will need a torchlight.


We will sleep in tents (you can rent one from us), vans, hammocks, or if you’re very adventurous, under the sky.

It is luxury as we see luxury; greenery, river, smell of earth, like-minded people, playing, learning, and sharing.

We totally understand if this isn’t your jam, but please be sure this is an experience you’d like to have.

How to get there:

When traveling (finally) to Acroatia you want to aim first towards Zagreb. Afterward, you can choose between a train, a bus or renting a car. From Zagreb you aim for Ogulin. Traveling by train is slower than taking a bus. In Ogulin we pick you up. All the details are here.

03. Teachers

Teachers at Acroatia are always people who inspire us, whose work we know first-hand, and who take their craft to the next level. It’s a colorful box filled with acrobats, facilitators, circus artists, and movement devotees.

04. Schedule

General schedule:

Acro Fire and coffee
Yoga (Acro)
Acro Breakfast
Acro Handstands/Floorwork
Acro Workshop 1
Acro Lunch
Acro Conditioning
Acro Workshop 2
Acro Workshop 3
Acro Dinner
Acro Therapy
Acro Fire and music

Detailed schedule that can still change can be viewed here: schedule 2023.

05. Food

When you put together a friendly and kind personality and a magic touch for food you get Neven and Aleksandra, our wonderful cooks. They will cook for us during the whole festival, doing their best to keep your bellies happy.

If your heart and belly desire something specific, you are welcome to bring it and store it in the camp’s fridge. Have in mind that we are in the remote part of Croatia, so if you are looking for vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free products, you might not find them.