Acroatia 2023 – How to get there

Flying ->

If you are flying to Croatia the best airport to arrive to the location is Zagreb. Zagreb is a vibrant capital rich in history and culture.

If by any chance you come to Zadar first, then you should catch a bus to Zagreb and from there take a train or a bus to Ogulin.

Target city: Ogulin

From ZAGREB the most direct way is to go to Ogulin by bus or train.

To Ogulin you can come by bus leaving from Zagreb main bus station at 11:30h. You can also come by train leaving every hour or two from the Zagreb main train station.

CAMPING ETNO PARK is your final destination.

Shuttle from Ogulin to the Camp ->

In Ogulin we are organizing a shuttle to the camp on the 21st of July and on the 1st of August. There will be FREE shuttles at 12h and at 17h. Please write your name in the desired time slots in the linked table.

If you need a shuttle at a different time we can organize you a private shuttle that you will need to pay extra. You can put the desired date and time in this table.

The pickup location in Ogulin is at the train station (also very near the bus station).

Free organized shuttles will also happen for your return 31st of July and 11th of August. You can put in desired dates and times in this table. If you need to leave at a different time, please, use this table.

Car or bicycle travel ->

The exact camp location is Ključ 1A, Croatia.

If arriving by car please consider sharing your ride. You can offer it in the WhatsApp Acroatia 2023 arrival group.

WhatsApp arrival group  ->

We created WhatsApp Acroatia 2023 arrival group. In the group the participants share and request rides from others coming by cars or vans, or just looking for a travel buddy.

Acroatia 2023