acroatia 2022

Acroatia 2022

We keep going!

Dates: 24.7.-6.8.2021.
location: camp Velebit

Wow, we can hardly believe how fast the time flies! This was our 7th year together, and we have a feeling it keeps on getting better!

We stayed in the mountains, hugged by the forest from all sides and warmed by the sun while we explored all the craziness that over a hundred people are able to create together.
Things kept evolving and we were honored by all the people that offered a helping hand in manifesting our vision of a movement and sharing utopia.

Our longe area grew for one more spot and all the daredevils of Acroatia had 3 lines where they could fly until the stars became the lightest thing around. Our sauna went from having a make-shift walls to having a proper construction, which was appreciated by all the sore muscles and peculiar tensions in our bodies. The outdoor showers bathed in the sunrise rays became a true ritual for everyone who loves a cold morning wake-up call and a good laugh. The hammock space grew a couple of more layers filled with full bellies after the lunch. There were just so many things that we loved about this Acroatia, and we are forever grateful to everyone who helped us make things happen!

By now, you might be wondering what the workshops were like…or did we all just sit in the sauna and took cold showers?! Well, some of us yes…nothing wrong with that. The others had a chance to take 6 different workshops a day. Starting from the early morning with yoga, we had handstands, floor-work, acrobatics, slack park, conditioning, some more acro, and therapy sessions. Among all of that, there were spontaneous morning dancing sessions, stretching circles, juggling games, singing and making music, and a bunch of things that probably went under our radar (maybe better 😉

The teaching team was a fantastic array of old and new faces. Caru Gonzales, Wybren Wouda, David Sanjuan, Jarno Biel, Danijel Dubicanac, Jef Kinds, Sara Bauchmuller, Sytske Riphagen, Trevor Baxter, Tomas Gwynbleidd, Marie Luo, Uwe Sattelkow, Sera Kim, Monika Kolb, Verena Pietzner, Chris Carlos, Tom Mortl, Niko Douwens,Kerstin Oschabnig, Jules Kuhner.