Acroatia 2023

It was gr8!

Dates: 21.7.-11.8.2024.
location: Etno Kamp Slap

It was gr8!

21.07. – 11.08.2023

3 weeks of our life is behind us and it was well spent!

In the year 2023. we added a few more accessories to Acroatia; we extended the festival for an extra week, moved to a lush and secluded riverbank, acquired more floating tents, built showers and pit toilets, cleared the forest for the tents, dug an impressive compost pit, and we welcomed a bit more than 150 people in those 3 weeks.
Not to make it too snug and cushy, nature itself kindly sprinkled a few challenges at us, we had rain, hail, and a storm or two (who’s counting, right 🙂 Those were the moments that made us grateful that our aspiration of creating a community feeling came to life. We shared the struggles, we shared the sun, we shared the shovels, and we shared the meals, we shared umbrellas, and we shared priceless connections. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but when it was easy it was extraordinary.
2023. left us fulfilled, inspired and enthusiastic (and a little tired, but we already caught up on sleep 🙂 for 2024.

The teaching team: David Sanjuan,  Jef Kinds, Sara Bauchmuller, Tomas Gwynbleidd, Marie Luo, Uwe Sattelkow & Yasmine, Sera Kim, Chris Carlos, Jules Kuhner, Nate Northey. Pri Pri, Paul Griffioen, Sandie Brichler, Johnatan & Saila, Jannik & Sara, Feel the Flow, Almuth Kramer, Bojan Babić, Elen & Killian