Acroatia 2021

Acroatia 2021

We keep going!

Dates: 24.7.-6.8.2021.
location: camp Velebit

Our 6th Acroatia, and the biggest one so far! We welcomed about a hundred new and old faces! And what a privilege this was! We were like little caterpillars, cocooned in moving, training, mountains and the stars, (re)connecting with the body, mind, and people. Thank you all you beautiful beings for being a crucial piece of Acroatia and helping us grow in our possibilities and creating even more crazy things. We all left as pretty butterflies!

This year we’ve created an impromptu sauna (thank you Goran), built an outside shower (thank you Hrvoje), put up a quite neat longe spot (thank you Niko), leveled a new ground for workshops, had a proper closing party (thank you Jef), and had the luck to always welcome people smarter than us to share their knowledge on a variety of topics.

The movement and training content keeps on growing and evolving. We had handstand classes, floorwork, yoga, bodywork sessions, dance acro, S-basing, L-basing, slacklining, etc. And a whole bunch of classes offered by generous people willing to share.

Our teaching team was, as always, a colorful and diverse pool of pearls of movement wisdom: Caru Gonzales, David Sanjuan, Jarno Biel, Isaiah Van Eetvelde, Danijel Dubicanac, Jef Kinds, Sara Bauchmuller, Sera Kim, Sytske Riphagen, Trevor Baxter, Tanja Urankar, Ales Hren, Tomas Gwynbleidd, Marie Luo, Uwe Sattelkow.

And guest teachers: Jules Kuhner, Jonas Lemineur, Sien Beyers, Lucie Beyer…