Acroatia is a young acrobatic festival that has an ambition of becoming not big in the sense of popularity and numbers of people, but big in a way that you think big, learn a lot, share a lot, and find even more things and people to be grateful for.

We’ve put our heads and hands together to have and give an opportunity to share life values which we find worth mentioning; learning, caring, support, balance, fun, nature, trust, teaching…

We see Acroatia as a time to share those things that we find valuable and worth of exchanging, to help everyone grow and develop, including ourselves. We cherish learning and teaching. Finding balance and understanding. Spending time in nature and having fun. Care and support for flyers, bases, spotters, and all other people whose path we cross in the adventures of life.




Some things are easier to say with words.
Some things are easier to say with images.
So I say both.

Sonja Lukas

It was amazing, loved every minute of it. The food was better than last year- there was more variety. The workshops were great, enough variety to cater for all levels.

Thank you to the organisers and volunteers.


Acro, yoga, river, nature, food, stars, bond fire, people. Yummy and crisp summer snack to fill your batteries and your brain. I ate loads and will come back for the seconds.


Why do I like Acroatia festival? Because of its small so one gets to play and to know almost everyone. It is a low-cost event that is always nice 😉 Nature feels pure and raw, I enjoy residing between the flowing river and the fireplace. There are enough classes to train properly and not too many to get exhausted.