Acroatia 2020

Two weeks long…and still too short

Dates: 20.7.-2.8.2020.
location: camp Velebit

Ah, the year 2020., the year that lasted 37 months. The lockdowns, the physical distancing, the toilet paper shortages… Makes you shudder, doesn’t it?
Well, we were shuddering at the thought of canceling the best 2 weeks of the year, when the acrobats and movers from all over the planet meet at the picturesque camp in the middle of the majestic Velebit mountain. “Shudder no more and make the festival happen!” – was our thought.
And we did. And it was amazing. Liberating. We were the few of the privileged people that got to spend careless weeks in nature, amongst friends, rolling and flying under the sun, around the bonfire, counting stars.

This was the year when not only the number of days grew but our movement content grew as well; we offered handstand classes, floorwork, teeterboard, bodywork sessions, dance acro, S-basing, L-basing, icy-bath lecture, etc. etc. etc.

Our teaching team was big and colorful, making up a diverse buffet of knowledge and inspiration; Francesco and Valeria (Acroseeds), Jef Kinds, Saila Salminen and Jonathan Crane, Sara Bauchmuller, Jules Kuhner, Luka Agres, Mia Drobec, David Sanjuan, Maja Turcic, Sytske Riphagen, and Trevor Baxter, Danijel Dubicanac, Ellen La Cuenta and Killian De Volder, Chiara Floreciendo and Davide Monti.