How to book Acroatia 2020

After the payment, send us the confirmation of the transaction so that we can check you in and confirm your spot in the festival.

Bank Transfer ->

Beneficiary: Luka Agres
Account number:
IBAN: LT23 3250 0065 5506 6722
Beneficiary address: Kaninska 15, Zagreb, 10090, Croatia
Bank / Payment institution: Revolut

Paypal ->

Paypal address:

Make sure that you cover all the paypal fees! (Mark the payment “to friends”)

Cryptocurrencies ->

Ethereum address:



Bitcoin address:


bitcoin led segwit

Cancellation policy ->

The following rules apply for the cancellation and reimbursement:
a) Refund of the full amount before the 30.05.2021, minus 15€ administration fee.
b) For cancellations 01.06.2021 onwards there are the following options:
(1) You find a friend that replaces you. Please notify the Acroatia team!
(2) You might be lucky and we are able to fill your space.
(3) If neither you nor the Acroatia team can find a replacement in time, no refund is possible. Sorry!
*If the cancellation is made from our side you will be given back your transaction (minus the administration fee 15€).
Acroatia 2021