We do a lot of things but in this case we do Croatian Acrobatic Convention named simply Acroatia….

We’ve put our hearts and brains together in desire (yes, yes, we still have those) to make a week long festival that we’ll leave recharged, inspired, and encouraged. A festival  that values trust, caring, support, learning, teaching, sharing, and movement. Acroatia is big enough for everyone to practice and share knowledge without a feeling of lack of bases, flyers, or spotters, and small enough for you and us to have a chance to meet and talk to everyone.

We make sure to bring a variety of teachers who will help you discover new horizons of your body movement. We’ll play with L-basing, S-basing (standing), washing machines,  and partner acro. For the daredevils – we made sure to treat you with Dutch acro treats, lunge, and pitching adventures.

Acroatia’s typical day is made out of early (early!early!) meditation, yoga, breakfast, warm-ups, workshops, lunch, more workshops and body explorations, dinner, and bodywork. But fine cuisine is made with spices, so we threw in campfires, waterfalls, swimming, dancing, slacklining, strolling down the river Mrežnica in a kayak, and stargazing. Of course, you are more then welcome to share your talents with us!

We do our best to create an atmosphere of friendship and community… to bring the best out of everyone.