Acroatia is situated in Croatia. 🙂

Acroatia 2019 takes place in Camp Velebit which is located at the Baske Ostarije settlement on the Velebit Mountain, only 20 min from the Adriatic Sea. The entire camp overlooks Ljubičko Hill (1320m) and Božin hip, and has lovely Ljubica stream passing through. We are surrounded by stunning mountains, wildlife, raw nature, and we are definitely not surrounded by light pollution. Starry nights here we come!

Not only is Velebit a nature park, it is also a home to two national parks. Velebit is recognizable by its preserved biodiversity, richness of the natural phenomena and experience of pristine wilderness. It is a space for gaining new experiences and the stronghold of sustainable development for the surrounding local communities, based on traditional practices.

The activity possibilities, besides the training, are almost endless; hiking, biking, horse riding, adventure park, paragliding, bouldering, kayaking, caving, off-road driving, and last but not least- taking a swim in the Adriatic sea.

Sleeping at the location is either in your own arrangement or in a Hobbit house. If you decide to take care of the sleeping on your own then you can do so in a tent, camper van, hammock,…whatever you fancy. Just keep in mind that nights at Velebit tend to be chilly, so pack your warm camping gear. If you choose one of the Hobbit houses in the registration form then no worries, your bed will be ready for you.