How to book

Well, it is very simple 🙂

  1. Go to the Acroatia registration form, fill out and submit. Link: -to be added-
  2. When you submit the form you will receive an email with payment details
  3. After successful payment, you are in 😉
  4. See you there

Payment options:

  • Paypal (address:
    • make sure that you cover the PayPal fees! 
  • Bank or credit card transfer:
    • Owner: Luka Agres
      IBAN: HR02 2340 0093 2164 4792 8
      SWIFT address(BIC): PBZGHR2X
      Kaninska 15, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Bitcoin key: 1NiYtNmUFS4Tvx1rRdts23HEniHMB5ku42
  • Ether key: 0xB9a851d0A85a8e78c622346BdFE3A9157c39ff62
  • Bitcoin Cash key: 1Gm6cTUX78hu4h51ghrqAvNb1yRCuJtRPC
  • Litecoin key: LfoN9CWdhfSX6z47mrjFHpW6h92BRgSDdD
    • others also available
The following rules apply for the cancellation and reimbursement:

a) Refund of the full amount before the 30.06.2018, minus 15€ administration fee.

b) For cancellations 01.07.2018 onwards there are the following options:

  1. You find a friend that replaces you. Please notify the Acroatia team!!
  2. You might be lucky and we are able to fill your space.
  3. If neither you nor the Acroatia team can find a replacement in time, no refund is possible. Sorry!